A caregiver with an elderly gentleman both are happy

5-Star Experiences

We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve those in our care, and appreciate the kind words from them and their loved ones.

I looked at my options for the care of my mother since she was not able to manage herself any longer at home and Orchard Park hit the top of my list in Tacoma due to their ratings for medical issues and care on Medicare.gov. They have the best ratings and that’s what I wanted for my mom – the best chance to survive and thrive.

Now, my mom had to adjust to life here. She wanted to go home every day for the first 30-40 days, but when things got rough, that’s when I’m REALLY glad that I chose Orchard Park.

They contacted me when it was needed. They listened to my concerns about my mother’s care, and they gave me the best options and allowed me to process what was happening with my mother as best as anyone could.

Look, this is a very hard service to provide. There is  A LOT of need, and VERY LITTLE thankfulness. My mother lived 3 months in the care of Orchard Park. During that time, I was able to go to work, have a life, and still keep up on my mother and her care as much as I chose to. My mother was dying. I did NOT want her to have a terrible experience towards this eventual end. The staff at Orchard Park helped me to help her go with dignity, peace, and comfort.

They called me when I was supposed to visit her on Tuesday and said that she might not make it to Tuesday. I visited on Saturday with my wife and we had SUCH A GREAT last visit. I will always remember how my mother looked at my wife and I with such satisfaction – knowing that I would be loved long after she was gone. Those memories are priceless.

Orchard Park then called me again on Monday night to let me know that my mother was not waking up. We then headed over again to say goodbye. She was gone the next morning.

I sincerely thank all of the staff at Orchard Park for assisting my mother through her last days. It’s not an easy task. They did it with respect and responsibility.

I could not have asked for anything more from them.

Erich B.

5-Star, Google Review

My grandmother’s stay has been so much more than I ever expected. She came in extremely weak, I thought she would never be able to return home. The nurses were extremely compassionate and gave us hope. The therapy department gave her encouragement and worked with her daily.  She is able to return home.  All of the staff made my family feel as though we were going through this together. I would recommend this place to anyone who needs rehab.   They genuinely care about their patients and their family members.

Gosei P.

5-Star, Google Review

My father is being cared for here after being hospitalized with a serious illness. He has received exceptional care, in all areas. He has enjoyed very healthy and nicely prepared meals.  He has had both occupational and physical therapy. The rooms are modern, spacious, and clean. The nurses and other caregivers are very attentive and helpful. We are thankful for the kind and compassionate care received.

Susan G.

5-Star, Google Review

The care team here is very patient and attentive. The facility is quiet and well-managed, even with as many patients that they care for. They are able to get my grandma to take her medications daily, as well get her to eat even just a little bit of food–two things which were nearly impossible when she was at home. Dementia can be a dirty thing, but the care staff here really know what they’re doing.

Liz W.

5-Star, Google Review

The staff is very friendly and helpful. The physical and occupational therapy my friend is receiving has really made a difference, he is very hopeful and we see the possibility of him being able to return home at some point if his progress continues at this rate. Kudos goes to all these healthcare workers who work extended hours and still are able to remain diligent, kind and compassionate.

Laurie D.

5-Star, Google Review

Had my first in-person visit with my mother. The staff was very accommodating and eager to facilitate the visit. My mother (92 years old) is very happy there and is enjoying the opportunities to socialize with other residents.

Tom R.

5-Star, Google Review